Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week: Accessing and Utilizing the QuickBooks Audit Trail

Ever mistakenly enter the date on a transaction and then have trouble finding it? Want to know what work a user did in the file on a certain date of over the course of a date range? This information is readily available in your QuickBooks file Audit trail.

The QuickBooks Audit Trail keeps a record of everything that happens within your QuickBooks file. It can be used as a training tool or a control tool.

To access the Audit Trail Report:

  • First, open your file in your current version
  • Select the Reports>Accountant and Taxes>Audit Trial
  • The report will default the activity for Today. You can customize the dates to fit your needs.

Note: The Audit Trail will only keep track of transactions and changes made to transactions, it does not keep track of changes made to lists

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