We don’t know the accountant who’s looking to cut revenue. It’s always the opposite. When we invented Swizznet, we built it to save time and better serve clients. Sure enough, our CPA firm billed more by serving clients faster and smarter. Now we have an easy calculator to help you see the savings.

  • Stop shuttling files back and forth using Dropbox or email
  • Stop duplicating work, do it once, the right way, the first time
  • Stop driving to your client’s site
  • Stop the lockout, for you, for your client, their staff; Swizznet lets everyone work at the same time
  • Stop playing secretary, scheduling for access
Billable Rate
Average time spent sending each QuickBooks file every month to your clients?
Backing up, restoring, uploading, downloading, backing up, restoring
Average time spent troubleshooting IT issues
Getting client files back and forth or connect to client systems - average/month over a year
Wasted $$ per month per client
Swizznet user for you, the accountant
(you only need one to access all clients on the system)
$0.00/ per month
Number of clients?
**This does not calculate the possible revenue stream that can be created per client now that you can do all or part of their books. Click here to calculate that.

We Have Some Great Clients Who Love Us

“Swizznet has revolutionalized the way we do business. It has allowed us to improve our work efficiency and provide superior customer service. Swizznet has provided us the ability to assist our client from anywhere, anytime.“

Brody Giles / B & T Bookkeeping
B&T Bookkeeping

“Thanks for the great service and for keeping my clients happy. It is a true reflection of the professionalism of your whole staff and the current technological business solutions offered by Swizznet.”

Bob Fahey / smlBIZ Financial Solutions

SmallBiz Financial Solutions