3 Important Things to Know About Tax Software Hosting

The right type of tax software hosting can revolutionize your business. Swizznet creates reliable and secure tax software solutions for accountants and CPAs. These are the top three things you need to know before you choose an option that’s best for you.

Expanded Capabilities

Your current tax software system works great, so why change it? When you upgrade to online hosting, your options expand. You can improve efficiency and grow your client base by modifying your current system.

Swizznet will build a hosting solution that is compatible with CCH, CS Professional Suite, Drake, Lacerte, ProSeries, QuickBooks and other popular accounting software. You will have a seamless transition between your current system and the online hosting option. Your employees will still use the same screens and forms, but the system will be online rather than housed by a single server.

This upgrade will allow your employees to access the system 24 hours per day from any location with an internet connection. Employees can enjoy the flexibility of working from home or during travel. This switch can boost productivity and company morale.

It also allows you more time to meet with clients and pursue new business leads. You also won’t be dependent on a local IT support team any longer, which frees up valuable time. A system upgrade can take your business to the next level that can’t be reached without an online hosting option.

Top-Level Security

Are you concerned that an online option won’t be as safe as the traditional model? You can rest assured that online hosting is even safer than the system you are currently using. Here's why.

When you are dependent on a single server, you have a higher risk of damage or theft. An online hosting option uses several servers in different locations, which decreases these risks. With a traditional system, you may have to manually back up files and store them, which is time-consuming and at risk of being damaged or lost. The online system provides multiple automatic backups at the highest available level of internet security.

You can assure your employees and clients that all the information will be stored in the safest possible ways with an online tax hosting system. Even though the information is stored in the cloud, it can be much safer than storing it in a single physical location.

Economical Solutions

An annual subscription for tax software doesn’t come cheap, and it can take a bite out of your budget at inconvenient times of the year. When the software fails, you pay even more for IT support, and you also lose billable hours while the system is down. These expenses can cut into your profits.

With an online tax software solution, you could save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars each year over your current situation. We match your budget and needs to a cloud service package, and you pay a monthly subscription. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer support is included, so you don’t have any other IT costs. In minutes, our support staff can help you get back online and back to work.

You can also cut overhead costs by allowing employees to work in remote locations. Your business may be able to expand to multiple locations without breaking your budget. Talk with us about how tax software hosting can save you money. Give us a call at 866-218-7976 today.

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