3 Reasons to Upgrade to Tax Hosting

The right type of tax hosting can help your business grow and prosper. Swizznet is the best in the industry when it comes to creating tax software solutions for small businesses and accountants. These are the top three reasons you need an upgrade to your current tax software.

New Tax Hosting Opportunities

An upgrade to your tax hosting system will greatly expand opportunities for your business. These opportunities aren't possible with the systems of the past. We can show you the great opportunities that are available with an upgrade.

An upgrade will help your employees work more efficiently. They will be able to work remotely, whether from home or on business trips. If your employees have different peak performance times, they can work when they are at their best. This may not be possible with your current system.

When your employees are working at peak performance times, they will get more accomplished in less time. They will be able to focus with fewer errors. An upgrade will allow them to take on more work with less stress. You can expand your client base without having to hire additional help.

Since Swizznet builds tax hosting solutions that work with your current system, your employees will make an efficient transition. If you use CCH, CS Professional Suite, Drake, Lacerte, ProSeries, QuickBooks or other types of accounting software, we can design a seamless upgrade. You and your employees won't experience a time-consuming switch to a new program. You won't be bogged down with a learning curve either. This easy transition will keep your business moving forward.

When your employees have flextime opportunities, they are happier and more productive. They can spend more time pursuing new clients and improving current customer relations. A tax hosting upgrade provides new opportunities that simply aren't possible as your software stands now.

Improved Security

An in-house server provides less security than you may realize. All of your files can be wiped out at once if damage or theft occurs. Weather disasters can ruin your server, and criminals may target your server for theft. Even if you make paper backups of your files, they are also at risk for compromise that you can't afford when you are working hard to grow your business.

You can mitigate these risks by upgrading to a new tax hosting solution. The files are backed up on several unique servers in different cities. This fact reduces the risk of damage or theft. An online upgrade also includes automatic backups and protection against cyber attacks. Your files are even more secure in the cloud than they are on your in-house server.

Affordable Tax Hosting

An online tax hosting system is an affordable option. We bill with a monthly subscription, which is more reasonable than an annual subscription. Our tax system upgrade will fit better in your business budget.

If you run into a tech problem, you'll also save money over the traditional model. Our customer support is included in your package, and requires only minutes to resolve problems. Compare this to IT support and lost billable hours, and you'll see savings right away.

You need a tax hosting upgrade to expand opportunities, enjoy better security, and save money. Check in with the pros at Swizznet about the best upgrade package for your business. Give us a call at 866-218-7976 today.

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