3 Things to Know About Remote Access Sage

Thinking about upgrading to a remote access Sage account? You can experience many benefits when you make this switch. We’ll tell you three things to consider before changing over to this great option.

Convenience with Security

A Sage private cloud offers you both convenience and security. You no longer need to store paper files with a private cloud option. Your files are even more secure in the Sage cloud because they are less likely to be stolen or damaged. This frees up physical space for other needs.

If you are new to working in the cloud, you may doubt whether it's as safe as traditional models. Your remote access Sage cloud will be stored in several servers, spread out over different locations. Since these servers are protected with the highest available online security measures, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve made a wise choice.

Swizznet makes sure that your Sage files are protected on the internet. We protect your files against cyber threats like ransomware every hour of every day. It’s our job to make sure that your files stay secure.

Expansion Opportunities

With an in-house server, you are limited to a single physical workspace. By using a remote access Sage option, you can expand your business to more than one location. If your employees wish to work from home or during business travel, the Sage cloud makes this possible. You can also open several offices in different locations with the private cloud server capabilities.

All your team members have access to the same files with the Sage cloud. This can improve work efficiency and quality. You may be able to take on more clients since your employee productivity will increase. With Sage, the expansion opportunities are unlimited.

Sage Customer Care

If you ever have problems with your Sage service, our customer care team at Swizznet offers immediate assistance. We train our representatives to handle every aspect of the Sage cloud, so they can offer knowledgeable care within minutes. You can reach us via phone or online chat to get help in a hurry.

Since we have online access to your files, we can provide real-time solutions. None of your client files will be compromised while we work on fixing the problem. We backup your files to make sure that everything returns to normal as quickly as possible.

Sage for Your Business

Your Sage cloud offers many benefits, including money saving measures. With a monthly subscription, you can cut costs on your maintenance, backups, and licensing for an in-house model. A Sage option is a winning choice all the way around.

Want greater security, flexibility, growth options and customer care? With Sage remote access, you can experience all these benefits in one package. Call us for more information at 866.296.9829 today or send a message to info@.swizznet.com now.