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      3 Ways Sage 50 Can Help You

      Are you interested in acquiring Sage 50? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. With these three tips, Sage 50 can help you save time and money. From high-security measures to an increase in productivity, it's the perfect accounting resource for small businesses. You can even benefit from its easy to use features and vast bookkeeping functions. Now let’s take a look at three ways Sage 50 can help you:  

      High Security  

      Since Sage 50 is hosted on the cloud, all security measures are managed by the cloud hosting provider. They provide encryption technology, third party audits, backup firewalls, and extra power supply to make sure your data is safe and secure. You won’t have to worry about data loss since cloud hosting providers save your data on multiple servers. They also systemically back up all your data to make sure no files become lost. Unlike other accounting systems, you won’t experience delays when trying to access Sage 50. Instead, with its highly functioning system, it’s fast and easy to use. 


      Sage 50 requires minimal expense. You’ll no longer have to worry about upgrading costs or hiring an experienced IT professional. Instead, a cloud hosting provider will take care of such tasks for you. By handling such matters, a cloud hosting provider makes Sage 50 even more of an appealing choice. You won’t have to pay for troubleshooting or storage. It’s the perfect accounting system for a business that wants to save a little money. 

      Increase Efficiency and Productivity   

      With Sage 50, you can allow other users to view, edit, or export files. These functions allow a business to work effectively towards an end goal. You can increase productivity by utilizing such features as well as using other functions. For example, functions such as the ability to download files from any device, easy access to accounting systems, and automatic backup provide businesses with the best productivity rates. Due to Sage 50’s collaboration technology, you can share a file with an outsourced employee and edit it together. Thus, with such a wide exposure to resources, a business can get tasks done quickly and efficiently. 

      Now that you know some ways Sage cloud hosting can help you, contact your local accountant today. If you want to consult a cloud hosting provider, contact Swizznet. With experienced technicians and affordable rates, Swizznet provides the best-hosted accounting solutions. Offering a variety of services, Swizznet does it all. From QuickBooks hosting to Sage construction, Swizznet is the only hosted accounting service you’ll need. For more information on our services, visit our website. 

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