In order to stay competitive in today’s market, businesses must be tech-savvy, have global or national sales, remote employees, and need to be accessible anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re currently using cloud hosting, or are just considering making the move, it’s important to select a Sage cloud hosting provider or QuickBooks cloud hosting provider who will give you the best technology and service to digitally transform your business.

Here are four key features to consider when evaluating a cloud hosting provider:


A cloud hosting service should give you a variety of options to choose from to best suit your needs. Look for a platform that provides one-click access from your desktop, easy file transfer, and the ability to access information from any device in a timely manner.  When looking for your cloud hosting provider, you want to check that your applications and data are delivered quickly and reliably.

This is an area that you should ask some tough questions:

  • Does the provider offer an uptime guarantee in its service level agreement? Will you be compensated if the guarantee isn’t met?
  • Can the provider ensure business continuity if something goes wrong on its end? How many data centers does it have? Are data and virtual machines mirrored?
  • What about disaster recovery? How often will your data be backed up? Can the provider easily restore your data? Will it cost you more money to get your data back?


A solid support team is imperative to the quality of your business and the satisfaction of your clients. How quickly does the cloud hosting support team respond to a ticket? Are support staff available 24×7, 365 days a year, or are support hours limited? Be mindful of whether the team is certified on the software you want hosted, that additional level of system knowledge is a priceless advantage over other providers.


Outsourcing your IT doesn’t mean you give up total control. Ask if you have administrative access to your servers and whether you can easily get to billing information. Having instant access to applications and subscriptions means you spend less time stressing about your IT and more time on running your business.


Take the time to investigate your potential provider’s security offerings, as you want your data to be safe in the event of any disaster. Is the cloud hosting provider certified by a credible third-party? Look for SOC 2 data center certification and the highest standards for PCI compliance.

Finally, check how long it will take to get started. Are there additional costs for expedited setup? Some service providers will even offer a free trial, a great way to get a feel for the provider’s service.

Selecting a reputable cloud provider can save you from experiencing IT headaches and can reduce costs. Take your time when considering your hosting provider options to ensure that they will go above and beyond to give you the best service possible.

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