Add Value to Clients with QuickBooks Company Snapshot


Most clients think of bookkeeping and accounting as a necessary headache and wish they didn't have to think about it, much less pay for it to get done. How many times have you had a client comment on how high the bill is or ask why it costs so much? If you're like most accountants I talk to, you've heard it way too many times to count!

One easy way to add value for clients is to send them a quick snapshot of their company financials when you've finished their bookkeeping work for the week or month. QuickBooks makes this easy with their snapshots feature - you can select time periods and customize what to show on the dashboard. Just print their company snapshot to a PDF, save it to your local drive and send it to them with a quick email summarizing what's been done in their books as well as any outstanding issues. This way they'll have a quick reference for their financial picture without having to go try to decipher it for themselves. Plus they'll have a better grasp on what you've been doing (and what they're paying for) and you'll go from being a necessary evil to a hero.

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