The Beauty of Follow-Me Citrix Technology

It today's day of gadgets, tablets, laptops, phones and other gizmos it's not uncommon for me to be working on my desktop (Windows 7), then move to my laptop (Mac) when I get home, and then check in on something from my tablet (Android) or phone (iPhone) when I'm on the road. Moving from device to device or computer to computer is now the norm and businesses need to be able to access all their files and applications from whichever device or computer they happen to be in front of.

It used to be that your experience on each device was different (especially if you're talking Mac to PC or tablet to computer). With the latest Citrix XenApp technology, now all your business applications can truly follow you - no matter what device, computer or OS you find yourself in front of.

The beauty of using Citrix for application hosting is that not only do we support every OS and device, but that your experience is consistent regardless of location or device. Plus, all the applications integrate seamlessly into the desktop so that they look and feel like they're running locally on the computer or device and freeing you from being tied to clunky windows.

In addition to offering a seamless experience, Citrix seamlessly "follows you" no matter what device or computer you happen to login from. This means that if you have all your QuickBooks and Microsoft Office applications open on your computer and then you login from your laptop or tablet, Citrix simply moves all your open applications up on the new device that you logged in from - this saves you time, hassle and gives you added security as the applications will disappear from the first device or computer that you are no longer in front of.

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