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      4 Benefits of Offering Swizznet's Cloud Hosting Services to Your Clients

      At Swizznet, we’ve been around the block a time or two, and understand the limitations and struggles companies have with managing on-premise software and servers. It’s expensive and frustrating. You’ve probably heard this from your clients themselves. So when they come to you for advice on QuickBooks and Sage cloud hosting services, what should you tell them? What provider should they choose? What features are most important?

      Whereas most hosting providers start with technology, Swizznet approaches things a bit differently. Our founders were both the owners of their own CPA firm and CPAs themselves, so accounting and business are in our DNA. Our solution aligns with what accountants and SMBs really need, and we believe that gives us a leg up in the marketplace.

      Another added perk: with Swizznet’s HostShare® program, we reward our partners for selling Swizznet’s hosting services. By taking part in HostShare®, you’ll be able to add new recurring revenue streams, and we supply you with plenty of resources to help in attracting new clients.

      Let’s dive into the benefits, for both you and your clients, of choosing Swizznet as your preferred Quickbooks or Sage cloud hosting provider.

      1. Swizznet’s Proven Cloud Hosting Facilitates Anywhere, Anytime Access — with Maximum Security

      Why partner with Swizznet? Your clients will have access to modern cloud technology backed by the gold standard in secure enterprise technology. They can confidently access Sage and Quickbooks anytime and anywhere from any device and operating system. Our cloud hosting service meets a variety of compliance requirements, including GDPR and PCI. Rest assured your clients’ needs will be addressed, regardless of their industry.

      Don’t just take our word for it — Swizznet is fully accredited by the MSPAlliance. We’ve won multiple awards, including CIO Review’s 10 Most Promising Sage Solutions Providers Award.

      2. Your Clients Are In Good Hands with Our Obsessive Support®

      Your clients can rest easy when faced with IT issues. Swizznet is known for amazing customer support – we’ve even trademarked it!

      With Obsessive Support®, your clients enjoy access to a team of 100% US-based experts ready to assist at any time – 24/7/365. Unlimited help is available (free of charge!) by call, chat, and email. Not only that, our support team members are certified in both QuickBooks and Sage. They’re trained to update and maintain server apps, optimize operations, and troubleshoot pesky glitches. Rest assured: We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to deliver industry-leading support!

      3. Offer Easy Onboarding & the Chance to See “Under the Hood” Before Purchase

      Complicated onboarding can give a bad first impression to clients. Our white glove service eases this process. We not only want your clients up and running quickly, but we want them running without interruption over the long haul.

      Smooth onboarding begins at setup. Full evaluation of third party apps allows us to see if they can be integrated at the multi-tenant level. Our Support team will help your clients set up desktop shortcuts for applications, so they feel like they’re working from their familiar desktop - only faster. All this comes at no cost to you or your clients. Automated installs make setting up new accounts quick and pain-free.

      Does your client want to test out the cloud before making the leap? We offer free 15-day trials and will set up custom demo environments to provide the full Sage or QuickBooks cloud experience. And when your clients are ready to purchase, quoting is simple and quick with our combined pricing tool and calculator. Our team is available each step of the way to help with both quoting and demo requests.

      4. Our Competitive Revenue Sharing Means You Benefit Too

      Partnering with Swizznet gives you access to HostShare®, our competitive referral compensation​ program. As you refer clients to Swizznet, you’ll earn monthly payouts and set up your business to scale by adding in new, recurring revenue streams. We make it simple to spread the word with free marketing tools, including custom branded login portals, online demos and desktop plug-ins. Not only will your clients benefit from our cloud hosting service, you’ll be rewarded too.

      The cloud is on everyone’s mind. We're delighted to help our partners offer their clients the flexibility and support they need to grow through our QuickBooks and Sage hosting services. Find out more about HostShare® here.

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