Launches Cash Flow Command and Control System

Have you ever spent hours inputting numbers into Excel to run what-if scenarios and try to get a handle on cash flow for your company or clients? What if there was an easier way to quickly and easily see the companies cash inflows? Well I have good news.. Now there is! And even better - it integrates seamlessly with your hosted QuickBooks on Swizznet., a featured Swizznet partner, just launched an interactive visualization tool that bookkeepers can use to visually forecast their company's financial fitness into the foreseeable future. The new tool provides up-to-the-minute updates on a payment's or invoice's progress without double data entry.

The self-service dashboard self-adjusts when you changes parameters like a bill payment date or amount. This is an amazing tool for cash flow planning to help you keep your business in the black.

The best part of all is that integrates seamlessly with the postal system, banking systems and your QuickBooks accounting application on Swizznet.

Find out more about's new Cash Flow Command and Control System now. Want to add access to's QuickBooks Sync tool on Swizznet? Submit a support request today.

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