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      How to Power Up Your Remote Workforce with Citrix-Powered QuickBooks Hosting

      Back in March, businesses made a dash to the cloud as offices shut down and the scramble began to find the best way to support a newly remote workforce. Companies have found solutions to maintain productivity and access to their critical tools, such as their QuickBooks software.

      But here’s the question. Can your business support remote employees long-term, providing an office-like user experience while meeting high security standards?


      As we settle in, employees may find that connections are running more slowly than they’re used to or that key features from their in-office desktop setup are missing. However, it doesn’t have to be that way because of partnerships like the one between Swizznet and Citrix.

      Use QuickBooks Where, When and How You Want To

      Swizznet overlays Citrix on top of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to provide best-in-class QuickBooks hosting. Most hosting providers stop at RDS, which gives you basic access to your systems. Layering Citrix completely changes the game. The tool creates a desktop-like experience with stronger security than RDS alone. Citrix allows capabilities such as user shadowing, document management, drag and drop capability, much faster performance than RDS alone, reliable printing from any computer, multiple monitor support and a lot more you wouldn’t get otherwise. With Citrix and Swizznet—you literally get a true QuickBooks desktop experience, just now in the cloud.

      As a result, your remote workforce can work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. They may start the day in bed, reading emails with a hot cup of coffee. They may finish a report mid-morning on a desktop computer and end the day collaborating on a presentation on a laptop propped up on the couch. Whatever makes them happy and just as productive as an office — right?

      Swizznet chose Citrix to create a faster and substantially better user experience for our QuickBooks hosting customers. Not to mention a more secure one too! Malware and intrusion detection are all part of the package.

      The choice is yours! But we hope you’ll trust us on this one. Citrix is a game-changer.

      See examples of how you can power up your remote workforce using our Citrix-powered services in the infographic below. Or download as a PDF.


      Power Up with Swizznet Hosting

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