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      CIOReview Names Swizznet a Top ERP Provider in 2021

      CIOReview, a leading technology magazine that has guided CIOs and enterprises since 1987, featured Swizznet as a top ERP provider for the second year in a row. CIOReview notes that in the past year, companies looked to ERP solution providers to provide business continuity as they navigated the pandemic.

      A top ERP Solution ProviderEnterprises rely on ERP solutions to help them make proactive decisions, optimize operations, streamline their supply chain, and ultimately provide customers with a better experience. Modern ERP solutions deliver this in a way that allows companies to collaborate in the cloud, with automated synchronization of data in real time. This enables end users to work remotely, knowing they’re always accessing the latest version of data in a secure fashion.

      As companies transition to cloud-based ERP hosting, the security of their remote systems and data is an increasing concern. Large-scale breaches involving ransomware have made national news, but small and medium-sized businesses — particularly those with large footprints of financial and other sensitive business data — are also attractive targets for cyber criminals.

      In response, enterprises are investing in solutions that bring their infrastructure to the cloud in a secure and robust manner. “ERP solutions have all the keys to the enterprise castle,” Swizznet CEO Bob Hollander told CIOReview. “Hence we have to work hard to keep these systems secure.”

      Swizznet has built its cloud hosting offering with cybersecurity as a central focus. It hosts enterprise data in SOC 2 certified data centers, and recently deployed CrowdStrike threat detection technology across its servers. The company is now expanding its services to include managed technology and security compliance support to take the headaches out of day-to-day operations without the investment involved in hiring full-time staff.

      “The pandemic, as much as it hurts, drives the need for us to offer more so that we can solve more problems for our clients,” Hollander said.

      The Top 20 Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Companies - 2021 features a variety of ERP solution providers that helped companies survive through the pandemic, including Swizznet. These providers not only helped customers stay afloat — they’re providing the foundation necessary for businesses to thrive in the coming years.

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