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      7 Ways Cloud Accounting Is Empowering the Future of Work

      The digital transformation of SMBs and accounting firms has been underway for a while, but recently, COVID-19 has made it a top priority. Even though no one saw a curveball like this virus coming, workplace trends have already been building toward remote work and the use of cloud tools for some time. In fact, the Harvard Business Review foresaw this trend back in 2014, when it reported that remote workers are happier, more productive, and less likely to quit.

      Because of valid security concerns, many businesses are reluctant to modernize their systems, relying on paper trails and in-person meetings, instead of using cloud-based tools. Despite the hesitancy, digital transformation is just that — transformative. Digital technology is solving key business challenges, oftentimes ones you may not have even been aware of. Cloud computing tools are designed to boost productivity, improve security, and introduce savings on IT expenses and brick and mortar costs like rent, utilities, and insurance. As we all strive to stay on track and secure in a remote work environment, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of modern technology.

      Cloud-based hosting enables accounting and business professionals to access the same desktop Sage and QuickBooks applications from anywhere, be that at home on the couch or in an airport lounge.

      For many of you, you have already taken this into consideration. But for many others that have limited resources in terms of time, money, or people, this remains a huge challenge! However, it doesn’t have to be. Cloud-based hosting enables accounting and business professionals to access the same desktop Sage and QuickBooks applications from anywhere, be that at home on the couch or in an airport lounge. Not only will your data be accessible and secure, but you will save money and gain back more time to focus on the day to day needs of your business.

      Cloud tools are the future, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the need for remote capabilities. Here are seven benefits that cloud tools provide to enable enterprise digital transformation.

      1. Anywhere, Anytime Access to Applications

      Accountants can say goodbye to last-minute drives across town to fetch documents, not to mention the precious time and gas money burned along the way. Hosting accounting software in the cloud enables collaboration, whether onsite or remote, with team members, clients, or contractors 24/7 via any computer or mobile device. The experience is the same as working at home as it is in the office. All documents are readily available so employees and clients have what they need at hand. 

      💡 What would you do with the extra 30 minutes each time you courier to and from a client’s office?

      2. It’s Easy to Set Up...  

      On-site servers often force organizations to contract with outside IT groups to service any network changes. Oftentimes, these are smaller companies that are not equipped to handle IT concerns that arise around the clock. They typically do not have direct access to or partnerships with major vendors like Azure, Google Cloud, QuickBooks, Sage, and others.

      Employees are sometimes left to deal with IT issues they don't fully understand. Hosting, on the other hand, can be set up remotely without any in-person meetings using an existing QuickBooks or Sage license or by purchasing a license with the help of the hosting provider. Onboarding is easy, even for non-technical team members, with our rapid-deployment process and support ready to help resolve any problems. 

      💡  How much time have you wasted trying to solve IT issues? Hosting in the cloud takes away the pain and frees you up to work more on building and serving your client base.

      3. ...And Even Easier to Scale

      Organizations undergoing rapid growth frequently cobble together quick-fix solutions for their local servers. The result too often is a complicated mess that's a headache to manage and doesn’t operate as intended. Hosting solves this scalability issue, allowing businesses to no longer focus less on servers, software, storage, and backup, and only on your business growth. Multiple users work in the same QuickBooks or Sage file, making it easy to scale as your business grows. A good thing about scalability is you can also scale back when needed. 

      💡  Is your QuickBooks or Sage solution optimized to your business’ current needs?

      4. Cloud Hosting Lowers Costs and Improves Performance

      On-site hosting can be expensive and up-front, long-term hidden costs — such as extra storage — can lead to costs that exceed the original budget by far. Hosting often simplifies costs and saves money internally by freeing staff from IT tasks.

      💡 How much are you really spending on extra, unexpected fees and long-term costs each year?

      5. Enterprise-Grade Security Is Included

      Security is a frequent issue for organizations with outdated server stacks. Multi-user networks have a variety of vulnerabilities that require a robust security strategy. Good hosting solutions eliminate security worries by incorporating regular backups, firewalls, encryption, and industry-leading security controls. 

      💡  How often do you experience security issues or data breaches and leaks? What potential data breach concerns do you have?

      6. Customization Is Easy in the Cloud

      Many companies have unusual nuances in their accounting or business systems, such as industry-specific processes. The best hosting services make it easy to incorporate licensed third-party apps so work can continue on as it always does.

      💡  Are you worried that your business processes will change or that you will lose capabilities by going to the cloud?

      7. Cloud Hosting Automates Compliance

      Industries with heavy regulation — such as accountants and other financial services — need to keep their records up-to-date and accessible in case of a visit or call from regulators. With on-site hosting, compliance can be difficult.  Since files are constantly being emailed back and forth between a company and its clients, it's not always clear who has the most current file. Cloud-hosted solutions give companies and clients real-time anywhere access to financial documents, simplifying compliance.

      💡 Do you have trouble keeping your client books in compliance with lost physical documents?

      Remote work is on everyone’s mind right now, and it will continue to be even into the future. Now is the time to prepare by leveraging the best cloud tools available. That’s where Swizznet comes into play. Our hosting services take desktop Sage and QuickBooks software to the cloud. We guarantee 99.95% uptime, so critical operations like payroll and day-to-day transactions run without any problems. With 24/7/365 tech support, we’re always there to help navigate any challenges with confidence and ease. 

      Ready to transition your business to secure cloud-based applications? Do you have clients that could benefit from the switch? Get started with a 15-day free trial from Swizznet.

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