What's Your Share of Responsibility in Cloud Security?

Cloud security and protection of your data is of utmost importance and Swizznet is continually working to be on the forefront to protect your data and secure your QuickBooks Hosting, Sage Cloud Hosting or Private Cloud environment. The measures Swizznet takes are only half the equation. The other half relies on you and your responsibility to take measures to protect your local end points and your cloud environment.

Here are things you can do to ensure your security both locally and in the cloud:

  • Run operating system updates on all your end points and install the latest security patches to resolve known vulnerabilities
  • Run a good antivirus on your computer at all times. If you don’t already own something, Windows Defender is a free, reliable product.
  • Use a firewall! If you are using a Windows system then you can use the Windows firewall which is built into your system or use a firewall that comes with your antivirus product. If you don’t know how to do this contact your IT professional for assistance.
  • Always vet your email contacts. Most ransomware is spread via an email attachment. Never open an email attachment or click a link in an email if:
    • You do not know who the sender is. Look at the From address and if it looks suspicious, delete it immediately.
    • The name of the attachment is not something you were expecting or recognize. It is important to understand that some infections can inadvertently be sent to you by people you know. If you are unsure, do not take a risk, contact the sender to verify it’s safe before opening.
  • Do not visit unverified websites via the browser on your servers on Swizznet.
  • Don't share users or logins to the system - especially the admin user for your private cloud on Swizznet.
  • If you have a private cloud server, only use your Swizznet server admin user for administrative tasks (trusted program installs, updates to trusted programs). Do not use this account for daily tasks - especially utilizing email and web browsing.


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