Converting QuickBooks from Mac to Windows

Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week: Converting QuickBooks from Mac to Windows

Many users think QuickBooks for Mac is the same as QuickBooks for Windows - it is not. A QuickBooks for Mac file requires being converted before it can be used in the Windows version on Swizznet.

Here are a few things I recommend to prepare your Mac file for conversion to the Windows version:

  1. Make sure your company file name contains all letters.  No special characters
  2. Know that any memorized transactions and reports will not transfer in the conversion
  3. Know that your bank accounts will transfer over as never being reconciled previously
  4. Run Verify to be sure there are no problems in the file.  If there are, run a rebuild and then verify again to be sure it corrected the problems

If the file comes up with no problems, it is ready to be converted.  To convert the file:

  1. Select File>Backup to QuickBooks for Windows
  2. Save the file in a location that you will remember where it is located
  3. Copy the .qbb file to the computer you would like to restore it. If you're using it on Swizznet, you'll want to copy it to the Z drive.
  4. Open the QuickBooks for Windows
  5. Select File>Open or Restore Company
  6. Select Restore a Backup and then click next
  7. Click Local Backup and then click next
  8. Navigate to find the backup file and select the file and click next
  9. Navigate to find where you want to store the QB file and save it there
  10. Follow the prompts when it asks to update the file.

I also recommend running a Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet to compare the files to be sure it converted properly.

Please tune in to next week’s QuickBooks tip.

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