Creating a QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy

Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week: Creating a QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy

An Accountant's Copy is a version of your company file your accountant can use to make changes while you continue to work. This is useful if your accountant does not have access to your file on Swizznet. You can continue to work in your company file and, at the same time, your accountant works in the Accountant's Copy. When your accountant is done, you then import your accountant's changes into your company file.

In order to create an Accountant’s copy you need to:

  1. Select File>Accountant’s Copy>Client Activities>Save File
  2. Choose Accountant’s Copy and click Next
  3. Specify the dividing date and click Next
  4. Specify where to save your Accountant’s Copy file
  5. Name the Accountant’s Copy file and click Save

Your Accountant’s Copy file will have a .qba extension.  You can now send this file to your accountant.

To import your Accountant’s changes, select File>Accountant’s Copy>Client Activities>Import Accountant’s Changes From File.

Please tune in to next week’s QuickBooks tip.

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