Is your critical data safe in the cloud

One of the top questions we hear is: how safe is my data? This is a top question for good reason. There are all too many threats to your data security these days. I just recently came across a great article from Simon Withers of CloudTech on the topic:

"Is your critical data safe in the cloud?"

In the article Withers discusses how cloud computing can be a more secure option that housing the data locally and offers criteria to help you select a cloud computing solution that will protect your data and give you piece of mind.

Items to consider include:

  • Selecting a vendor that houses systems within an SOC 2 data center (At Swizznet we have two in geographically diverse locations and mirror our systems between them)
  • Is the vendor performing vulnerability testing? (We have third parties test our systems monthly and keep up on all the latest patches)
  • Will my data be reliably backed up? (Here at Swizznet we backup all your data every half hour. Again and again via redundant backup systems)

Security and reliability are top priority at Swizznet, find out more about our security solutions here. With cloud computing, one of the great advantages is that you're able to easily scale up (or down) and take advantage of cost savings that come with economy of scale. For a closer look at how much you could be saving, check our our ROI Calculator.

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