Data Import and Export with Transaction Pro and QuickBooks in the Cloud

Save time and get the job done with Transaction Pro for QuickBooks in the cloud. Optimize Transaction Pro for QuickBooks with Swizznet to provide a portable solution to your data import and export needs.

  • Transaction Pro Importer – It’s quick and easy to import both transactions and lists into QuickBooks from text, Excel, Access, or an ODBC compliant database.
  • Transaction Pro Exporter - Data is exported to Excel or text in a usable flat file format with just a few clicks.

Transaction Pro Products support the following transaction types: bills, bill payments, checks, credit card charges, credit card credits, credit memos, deposits, estimates, journal entries, invoices, purchase orders, received payments, sales orders, sales receipts, statement charges, time tracking, vendor credits.

Both Transaction Pro Importer and Exporter are available for use on Swizznet via a low monthly license rental. Add them to your account today via the marketplace.

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