Head in the Clouds

Ever feel like hearing about "the cloud" one more time might make you scream? You're not alone! Flint on our tech team just sent me a link to a great blog from Jim Savage of the Sleeter Group:

Get Off of My Cloud

Jim does a great job of distilling what exactly it means to be "in the cloud." He reviews the types of cloud computing available and cuts through all the buzz words and hype that we are overwhelmed with everywhere we look these days.

QuickBooks hosts are a type of Application Service Provider (ASP) and deliver applications via the SaaS model.

Swizznet is among the select few providers across the U.S. that Intuit has authorized to host their QuickBooks programs. I'll go into the full details of the program and what exactly it means to be an Intuit-Authorized Commercial Host in another post soon.

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