How QuickBooks Hosting Helps Your Accounting Firm

Are you looking for a new QuickBooks option for your accounting firm? Consider upgrading to QuickBooks hosting. A switch to this service from Swizznet offers several great benefits.

Save Money with QuickBooks Hosting

Do you use an in-house server for QuickBooks? If so, you may be paying extra for annual update fees. Though this may not worry you right now, the costs can add up over time.

When you switch to an online alternative, you save more money over time. QuickBooks hosting through Swizznet has monthly billing options. This subscription can be more affordable than a large annual fee for an in-house server. We offer different options based on your budget so you can stay on track with expenses.

The online hosting option offers other money-saving benefits. You can save on brick-and-mortar costs as well as IT costs, as we'll explain. Overall, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year over an in-house server.

Expand Your Client Base

With an in-house server, your employees can only work in a single location. You have overhead costs to maintain for office and storage space. Utilities, maintenance, and other costs factor in as well.

However, by switching to an online QuickBooks alternative, you expand your options. Wherever employees have internet access, they can work through the company system. The switch allows employees to work from home or during business trips. Your employees will be happier and more efficient when they can work on their own terms.

When you want to expand to more than one location, an online QuickBooks solution is best. Let's say you want to have offices in three different cities. All the employees in every location will have access to the same accounts through the cloud. This setup saves time and money, and allows you to expand your client base in less time.

Diverse Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

When you have an IT problem with an in-house server, you lose billable hours while the problem is fixed. You'll also need to pay for IT services. With an online hosting option, customer service is included in your package. Knowledgeable representatives can walk you through a solution in mere minutes.

You'll also enjoy enhanced security through Swizznet's online hosting. Your client files are automatically backed up on several different servers. Since these servers are located in different areas, you have a lower risk of theft or damage. We constantly monitor your files for malware and other security threats.

Since your files are stored in the cloud, you won't need as much space for paper files. This is a convenient change when you want to free up more office space or downsize. For business expansion, this is also a great benefit.

QuickBooks Hosting for You

Are you interested in learning more about new Quickbooks hosting options for your accounting firm? Contact the pros at Swizznet at 866-218-7976 to learn about our packages. We will help you find the best solution for your needs.

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