How Remote Access Sage Improves Efficiency

Are you thinking about upgrading to a remote access Sage account? If you do, it will improve the efficiency of your business. We’ll explain the ways a new remote access Sage account can speed up your business processes.

Boost Efficiency with Remote Access

When you want to expand your business, your employees need to access the same files in different locations. But this won't work if you have an in-house server. You can efficiently grow your business with a remote access option instead. This option will allow you to grow beyond a single physical location.

A Sage private cloud server allows your employees to access the mainframe from several locations. Whether your employees want to work from home or during business travel, they can log onto the network with ease. By expanding the locations where your employees can work, they can perform with greater efficiency.

You can reach more clients across a larger geographic area with remote access Sage. Your employees can work in different locales to reach new clients. They can also use the remote access option to work on a flextime schedule. Since your employees won't need to commute, they can work during peak performance times with greater speed. This efficiency can quickly grow your business beyond its current capacity.

Greater Security and Convenience with Sage

Sage provides greater security and convenience, since all the files are stored in the cloud. You will no longer need time to organize and store paper files. This can free up a significant amount of working hours for your employees. It also saves space in your office and reduces your risk of theft or damage.

If you rely on an in-house server, all your files are in one location. This is less secure, because a single storm or act of theft will cause a huge loss. With a private cloud server, your files are backed up in different locations across the country. You won't waste time tracking down files or repairing your server, because all of your files are instantly available online.

Remote access Sage gives greater security, which increases efficiency. You'll enjoy the convenience of accessing files in the cloud, along with the heightened security. Swizznet ensures that your remote access is protected from cyberattacks and malware.

Faster Customer Service with Remote Access

With an in-house server, you lose time and money if a problem occurs. You may need to hire an IT professional to work on your system, and you lose billable hours during the repairs. This could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

However, with a remote access Sage upgrade, you will save on customer service needs. We train our representatives well so you can get fast solutions to your problems. If you ever need help, you can use the phone or our online chat system to resolve your problem within minutes. We make sure you have efficient answers so you can get back to work in a hurry.

The Best Remote Access Sage for You

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