How Sage Hosting Improves Security

When you are looking for a cloud-based hosting option, you need a secure solution for your client files. But is an online option actually secure? If you choose Sage hosting, you will have top level online security that will benefit your customers.

Sage Hosting

Some people worry that a cloud-based storage system is riskier than storing files in an in-house server. However, a Sage hosting system is even safer than many in-house server systems. The system is safer for several different reasons.

First, Swizznet backs up your files and scans them for cyber threats like ransomware. We constantly provide backups and scans every morning, afternoon and evening. Our protective measures give your Sage service round-the-clock security.

You also have greater security because your cloud cannot be accessed by anyone outside the list you provide. Your private cloud is leveraged against the public cloud, which gives you greater security if disaster occurs. If one server is destroyed, other servers keep your files safe in the cloud. This is a major benefit over a single in-house server. If your single server is destroyed, you lose all your files in one swoop.

Improved Customer Support

When your system is down, you lose money and client trust. However, when you have a Sage private cloud, you don’t experience long downtimes when you need customer support. Simply contact Swizznet’s customer care team, and we’ll provide an online solution in mere minutes. All of our customer support representatives are well-versed in Sage software, so they can walk you through a solution in a hurry.

This can save time and money over hiring an IT professional to service your system. We will get you up and running faster, which keeps your files even more secure. Since your files are constantly backed up on our system, you won’t experience file losses like you might with a traditional system.

Security that Grows with You

You may be looking to expand your company. Sage can grow along with you and keep you secure as you grow. As your administrator list expands to different locations, your Sage hosting option will accommodate the changes. Every member of your team will be protected by the same security measures in your private cloud.

When you compare this to a traditional model, you can see how a Sage option is more secure. No more need to coordinate networks, reset passwords or delete logins when employees change. Your updates are easier and faster with Swizznet’s help, and you won’t compromise your security when changes are needed.

Money-Saving Security Options

A new Sage hosting option is both secure and affordable. You pay a monthly subscription cost that fits into your budget. This can save you hundreds or thousands per year over a traditional system with maintenance and backup fees, licensing costs and disaster recovery.

Our clients are happy that a Sage upgrade saves them time and money. They also enjoy the increased security with a private cloud option. To see which Sage package is right for you, contact us at 866.296.9829 today or send a message to now.