How Secure is My Sage Private Cloud?

Accounting with Sage is a wonderful convenience. But when you are dealing with sensitive financial information, you cannot afford to sacrifice security for ease of use. We'll explain how your Sage private cloud is more secure than you may realize, giving you peace of mind about your server option.

Sage Cloud Hosting

Working in accounting from the cloud is a priceless modern convenience. You have access to all your files round the clock from any location with internet access. Several team members can access the files from different locales, which speeds up company efficiency.

You may be concerned that storing files in the cloud, rather than a single server, is risky. It's actually safer than you may realize. Swizznet ensures that files are safe from ransomware attacks and other cyber-threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your cloud is private and not accessible to anyone outside your administrative list. We leverage the power of the public cloud against the security of your private cloud, so you have the advantage of both worlds. In cases of disaster, where a single or regional server could be wiped out, your files are safely backed up in the private cloud.

Customer Support for Cloud Hosting

If you do encounter an IT problem with your Sage private cloud, the customer support team at Swizznet is ready to help you. Our technicians are extensively trained in Sage cloud solutions. We provide real-time solutions when you have a question or a problem.

Our friendly representatives will quickly address and solve your problem so you can get back to work. Your files won't be compromised while we work on getting the problems fixed. You can enjoy the security of multiple backups with Sage cloud hosting.

Improved Security for Growth

As your company grows, so should your Sage capabilities. One of the main benefits of cloud hosting is that the list of administrators can expand with your company. Your team can operate in multiple locations with the same security as working in a single location.

If you are working with a traditional model, it could take days for an IT professional to reset the network and passwords for new users, or delete login information for former employees. With Swizznet's solutions, updates are much faster and easier. You can make changes with a few clicks of a mouse without risking your security.

Cost-Saving Security Options

Not only is your Sage private cloud secure, but it can also save you money over traditional models. If you are using Sage onsite, you have other costs like licensing, disaster recovery, backups, and maintenance. A Sage cloud hosting option is a predictable monthly fee, which you can build into your annual budget.

Our clients often find that switching to cloud hosting saves them considerable money in the long run. They enjoy the greater sense of security associated with a private cloud option. Interested in learning more about our package choices? Contact us at 866.296.9829 today or send a message to now.

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