How Tax Software Hosting Helps Small Businesses

Do you need a better solution for tax
filing in your small business? Our tax software hosting solutions
can save you time and money while providing the security you need. They can
also help you expand your business and eliminate common IT headaches. Here are
the main ways Swizznet’s online hosting solutions can help your small business.

Compatible with QuickBooks

If you use QuickBooks for your small business accounts payable and receivable, you will have a seamless transition to an online hosting option. Our software perfectly aligns with QuickBooks screens and forms. You and your employees will not have a steep learning curve for the new system, which saves you time.

Improved Efficiency

With an online option, you can work
on your tax filing from remote locations. Want to work from home? That’s easy
with online tax hosting. Do your employees need flex time? Simply give them the
login credentials, and they can work wherever they want, round the clock. This
can help your business become more efficient and productive.

Better Security

Your financial information may be
even more secure in the cloud, compared to a single in-house server. If you
rely on a single server, you could be subject to theft or damage. With an
online software option, your information is stored in several different remote
servers and automatically backed up. This extra layer of protection can keep your
sensitive information safer.

No More IT Headaches

As a small business, you lose profits
when you must hire an IT professional to diagnose and repair software issues.
With our online customer support, you can resolve issues within minutes and get
back to work much faster. Our customer support team is knowledgeable and
friendly, able to repair your problems through an online chat or phone call.

Growth Potential

Swizznet’s online tax hosting solutions help free up valuable time for your small business. You can use that time to grow your customer base. If you’ve considered expanding your branches to other locations, the online option will help you do that. Your employees will enjoy more freedom, and you’ll have more time to connect with existing clients.

Reduces Storage Needs

If you use a single in-house server
for your network, this can take up space and complicate your business
expansion. You may also have boxes of paper files that fill valuable office
space. Moving to cloud-based tax software
can cut your need for physical storage spaces.


Buying an annual license can take a
bite out of your budget. You can also face greater costs for IT assistance and
storage space. By switching to an online alternative, you may be able to save
hundreds or thousands of dollars every year.

When you get in touch with us, we'll show you different cloud service options. You pick the one that fits your needs and budget, and we offer a monthly subscription service. This can be a more affordable option for your small business. Learn more by calling at Swizznet at 866-218-7976 today.

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