Industry Leading Products Integrate with Swizznet, Delivering Easy Access to Enhanced Cloud Accounting Tools

October 15, 2013

Citrix, SpringAhead, and more choose Swizznet as a business partner, giving SMB customers more power, tools and functionality

Swizznet, the premier QuickBooks® hosting and online accounting solution provider, has partnered with leading software, network technology and cloud accounting tools providers to deliver more power and functionality to its small- to mid-size business (SMB) customers. Companies such as Citrix, and SpringAhead are innovators in their respective fields and give Swizznet customers rock solid network reliability and access to solutions for inventory management, accounting-specific content creation and more.

Bill Mertz, founder of Corporate CFO Services in Maryland, selected Swizznet as a cloud platform provider in part because it successfully integrates with and SpringAhead, which he uses for his clients’ payables and online time tracking/billing/expense reporting.

“The combined platform gives our customers the ability to work remotely using a single, integrated technology dashboard hub,” Mertz said. “It delivers a more efficient operational system – it’s a great tool.”

Swizznet’s integrated partners include:

$1- Intuit, the developer of industry leading accounting software QuickBooks

$1- Citrix, the power behind Swizznet’s solid network hosting

$1- SpringAhead for online time tracking, billing and expense reporting

$1-, providing cash flow management, invoicing, accounts receivable and more

$1- SmartVault, a single solution for easily storing and sharing files via the cloud

$1- AO: Rapid Inventory, the leading QuickBooks inventory management software solution

$1- ClientWhys, automated marketing, education and content solutions for accountants

$1- Tallie, expense report automation

“Our goal is to give bookkeepers and accountants the power of cloud computing via a complete platform for a virtual office,” said Kristin Callan, COO, Swizznet. “The Swizznet platform for QuickBooks is powered by Citrix technology, providing users with a robust network without the cost and administrative upkeep. With the addition of accounting-specific tools such as those provided by ClientWhys and the products from industry leaders like SpringAhead, Swizznet can meet the full requirements of a financial team, particularly one requiring remote access and secure data sharing.”

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