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      M.O.M.S. the Word When It Comes to Syncing Sage and Swizznet

      Monitor. Operate. Manage. Support.(M.O.M.S.). This simple acronym spells success for the accounting firms and businesses using Sage accounting software synced seamlessly with Swizznet for hosting in the cloud and for managing their IT services and security.

      The real power of this pairing lies in the fact that Sage accounting software with Sage cloud hosting from Swizznet allows you to take your Sage business solution to the next level with ultimate security, speed, and flexibility. Here’s how:

      1. Monitor and secure your Sage accounting data effortlessly

      Swizznet takes security seriously and works to keep your Sage accounting data protected from ransomware and cyber threats. Servers are deployed in a secure, SOC II facility and are continually monitored by next-generation threat detection tools. Rest easy knowing your data is backed up throughout the day and each night to ensure complete file recovery and business continuity.

      Curious about the finer details? The choice is yours when it comes to leveraging the power of the cloud to deploy your private cloud server on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Swizznet’s private cloud powered by Internap. No matter the server location, your private cloud on Swizznet is PCI Compliant.

      2. Operate your business from anywhere.  

      Needless to say, a critical need for all accounting firms and the majority of businesses these days is to have heir back office accessible in the cloud so their team can access the tools and data they need 24/7 in a secure and reliable environment from any location and any device. Swizznet’s Sage cloud hosting handles this requirement perfectly.

      Companies report a dramatic increase in productivity and better collaboration versus working on a local server. Field teams are better equipped to efficiently manage projects with cloud-hosted applications.

      Bob Sandelands from Accordant Company says about his experience with Swizznet for hosting his clients’ software, “Accordant Company is a partner for the Sage Construction software solution supporting over 4,000 clients. Swizznet is the #1 cloud provider and we highly recommend.”

      3. Manage your Sage hosting costs easily.

      Cost control for any business is hard work, but Swizznet makes it easy to factor hosting and support for Sage software into your budget. Working with Swizznet saves you thousands over the cost of buying, maintaining, and supporting an on-premise deployment. Plus, there’s no need to invest in and deploy new auxiliary applications as Swizznet enables thousands of supported business application integrations.

      Finally as a Sage software user, you’ll get real-time monitoring with Swizznet’s 24×7 engineering and support team to ensure optimal performance. You are free to concentrate on your business, not your IT.

      4. Support for your Sage accounting software…and your team.

      Just as you would expect, one of the most critical benefits included in the M.O.M.S. acronym is the support that Swizznet’s cloud hosting for Sage accounting software offers. After all, M.O.M.S. are always there for you, right?

      Swizznet’s Obsessive Support® powered by our team of IT, cyber security, and accounting software experts is always there to help you implement, troubleshoot, or fix any issues related to your Sage accounting software so you and your team have complete peace of mind.

      Sage named Swizznet a Partner Cloud Strategic Hosting Provider for good reason - Swizznet is the best at delivering a comprehensive solution for managing all your business needs.

      Cloud hosting for Sage accounting software? M.O.M.S. really do know best.

      As a Sage accounting software user, it’s key to have the right cloud hosting and support at the right price so you can manage and operate your business without being burdened with trying to securely host your Sage accounting software in the cloud on your own.

      Knowing you have Swizznet on your side will give you all the peace of mind you need, keep your operations running smoothly, and allow you to manage costs and compliance, too. After all, when it comes to a comprehensive cloud hosting solution for Sage and other accounting software solutions, M.O.M.S. really do know best.

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