How much will you save with Swizznet

One of my favorite features of our new website are the ROI Calculators. While other companies talk about ROI, none of them give you a tool to actually calculate the savings.

Before you spend a penny, work out the good business case for Swizznet. We're accountants, and we invented Swizznet to make our firm more profitable, our clients happier and our days brighter. Use our simple (and honest) ROI Calculator to see the proof.

We have three calculators on the site:

  • Calculate the return on (your smart) investment 
    This calculator walks you through a comparison of using Swizznet versus the cost to setup and maintain your own network infrastructure and Citrix environment. It is has some default values for average cost, but gives you the flexibility to change those numbers to meet your unique scenario. Plug in the number of users and you'll instantly be able to estimate your savings.You'll be amazed at the savings and the incredible part is that the calculator doesn't even begin to account for things like redundant SOC 2 data centers for disaster recovery, mobile access and support, unlimited US based 24/7 technical support from QB Certified ProAdvisors, bandwidth costs, monitoring costs, offsite backup and redundant backup systems, redundant application servers or redundant physical servers, or the costs to setup and permission new users, as well as the cost to keep the system upgraded to the latest OS and Citrix versions - all of which comes built into the Swizznet solution.

The other two calculators are specially designed for accountants:

  1. How Swizznet helps increase billings for accountants
    We don't know the accountant who's looking to cut revenue. It's always the opposite. When we invented Swizznet, we built it to save time and better serve clients. Sure enough, our CPA firm billed more by serving clients faster and smarter. This nifty calculator will help you calculate the time and money you'll save each month by using Swizznet.

  2. New fees for new services
    Once your clients are on Swizznet, you now have the potential to do all or part of their books and offer them more services and value-add solutions. This calculator helps you to quickly estimate how much additional growth you could realize for your firm per month

The calculations are instant and give you the ability to customize the variables to meet your unique situation. Start calculating today!

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