One-size does not fit all | Finding the right QuickBooks host for your business

Chances are, if you’ve shopped around at all for QuickBooks hosting, you’ve realized it can be a daunting process. There are a number of hosts for cloud based QuickBooks because one-size does not fit all. Each business has unique needs and each QuickBooks host offers their own unique advantages and solutions.

Here six quick tips to keep in mind as you’re selecting a solution:

  • Think Easy – A cloud solution should save you time and money and that means it should be easy to setup and use. With Swizznet there are no new programs to learn and you can access your QuickBooks and other applications with one-click from the desktop icon. Setup can be done in about 20 minutes and our support is there to answer any questions that come up along the way.
  • Customer Support is Critical – Businesses cannot afford downtime or waiting to get a response from support. Be sure to choose a vendor that places a priority on support and service. At Swizznet we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service and support from our team of US Based, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.
  • Think Long Term – Choose a solution that will not only solve your business need today, but will be able to scale easily up or down as your business needs change. Changing providers in a few months or a year can be a major hassle and time-killer. We can help you scale up or down, add integration to QuickBooks via private cloud server or other add-on services like file sync and sharing as the needs of your business evolve.
  • Try Before You Buy – there are so many solutions and making the decision can be difficult if you’re not able to get a hands-on feel for how they compare. We offer a 15-day trial with full fledged accounts and no credit card required up front so you can be sure it’s the right solution for you.


  • Online & Mobile Access

Using the cloud for your accounting needs means that you can easily access and share your information no matter where your business takes you. Swizznet’s cloud platform is compatible with all phones, tablets, and computer platforms so you can access and transfer information at your convenience. We provide secure document storage along with the QuickBooks hosting access so you have a secure central filing cabinet for all your accounting documents in the cloud. In comparison, QuickBooks online has limited, outdated options for pairing with mobile devices and only allows shared access to the accounting application. If you want to share other accounting related documents you’ll need to pair QuickBooks Online with another solution for sharing files.

  • Data Loss Prevention

QuickBooks Online requires you convert your data from the desktop version. This is time consuming and can often mean lost data. When converting a file to or from (in the event you need to switch back) some data is lost and will have to be re-entered. With Swizznet there is no data loss as there is no conversion necessary. You can simply move files back and forth without any data loss or downtime.

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo with our team and learn more about our QuickBooks cloud solutions and other private cloud hosting solutions.



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