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      QuickBooks Tip of the Week - Optimizing Performance for Hosted QuickBooks

      Are you experiencing slowness while using QuickBooks within Swizznet? Three of the most common items that can slow QuickBooks performance are:

      1. QuickBooks Live Community 
        Having Live Community open (located on the right hand side of your QuickBooks file) is the number one cause of slowness and freezing in QuickBooks. If you see Live Community open when logging into your file, please close it and uncheck the Open Live Community box and check the Do Not Ask Again box and you will no longer have Live Community open when logging into QuickBooks. You can also turn this off by going to Edit>Preferences>Desktop view and deselecting the box to Show Live Community.
      2. SmartVault 
        If you do not have a SmartVault account and are not using SmartVault on our system but are seeing the green login box at the bottom right of your screen, this will also slow down the performance of QuickBooks. To remove this and improve performance, simply unintegrating SmartVault within your QuickBooks file by going to Edit>Preferences>Integrated Applications and removing the check mark next to SmartVault.
      3. QuickBooks Instant Messenger 
        If you do not user the instant messenger within QuickBooks, we suggest disabling this feature by going to File>Utilities>Disable QuickBooks Messenger

      Please tune in next week for my next tip for using QuickBooks on Swizznet.

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