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      Part One of “Do It Yourself” Solutions: QUICKBOOKS WEB CONNECTOR

      One of the great things about Swizznet is the support we give to resolve any issue that may arise. While we love to help, you can easily take some matters into your own hands and untangle some common snags. DIY is not just for home improvement! Below is Part One of “Do It Yourself” Solutions: Accessing the QuickBooks Web Connector.


      The Quickbooks Web Connector allows Swizznet users to sync their files and exchange data with online applications, such as online shopping carts and billing. Before you can begin, first access the web connector by opening Quickbooks and locating FILE. Under file, select Update Web services. Once you have done this, follow these two steps for easy access.

      Step 1: Download .QWC File

      Download the .QWC file from your online shopping cart provider. Copy this file (using the Windows Explorer on Swizznet) from your local computer to the Z drive on Swizznet.

      Step 2: Initial Sync

      Login to your file as the Admin User and launch the Quickbooks Web Connector the same way as above. Once launched, click Add Application, browse for the .QWC file, and allow access. Enter your password from your online shopping cart. You are now set up and can begin using the Quickbooks Web Connector!

      TIP: You have the option of manually syncing your files every ten minutes, but save yourself time by taking advantage of the Web Connector’s automatic sync feature. To do this, select Auto-Run and enter the time interval, in minutes.

      Click here for more information on the QuickBooks Web Connecter

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