Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Online

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Online

The progression of QuickBooks programs has been growing at an unprecedented rate. With changes constantly being made to both the desktop and online versions, it’s important to be familiar with the differences in capabilities between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks hosting. Regardless of whether you have a small business or your business is scaling up, it’s important to know which accounting software is best for you so that you can have the most efficient and positive experience with QuickBooks for your business. QuickBooks Online is well known in the online QuickBooks hosting market, but they suffer from key drawbacks that keep them from being the top performer for QuickBooks in the cloud. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top pros and cons of QuickBooks Online. The notable features that separate QBO from top performers include ease of access, limited features and offerings in QuickBooks Online’s basic plan and a lack of security for accountants and end users.

According to long-term users, QuickBooks Online’s program can be challenging to navigate and manage subscriptions can be an over complicated process. Every company file requires another subscription making it difficult to locate and manage inventory, and can be difficult to keep up with as the program has frequent updates that change the interface for end-users and accountants. In contrast, Swizznet provides users with complete, intuitive access to subscriptions and tools in a customizable marketplace where users can add and remove users, updating billing information and manage subscriptions in just a few clicks. Swizznet does not require that you add a new subscription for every company file because you can add several business files with just one subscription!

Key features for accountants and business owners include access to printing files such as 1099s, importing information from desktop computers and version of QuickBooks and bill pay programs. QuickBooks Online does not offer any of these features at the basic level of QuickBooks Online, instead, there are nominal fees many for bookkeeping features. In contrast, Swizznet offers full printing capabilities, full integration with QuickBooks Desktop versions and other business applications, and has a billing portal located in the marketplace to streamline your business.

Due to a large user base, QuickBooks Online is notorious for heavy traffic and server downtime. At Swizznet, we place the highest importance on keeping your data lock-solid secure. Supported by automated backups, SOC II data centers in geographically diverse locations, Citrix XenApp 256-bit encryption and a US-based support team of QuickBooks ProAdvisors , we are always ready to help. Known for our obsessive customer service, Swizznet ensures that you never experience downtime. Have quick and easy access to your files anytime you want,and can get the most out of your QuickBooks in the cloud so that your business can thrive.

QuickBooks Online is well-known and is generally user-friendly for small businesses, but lacks in advanced management features, has limited support and lacks the top-tier quality of service that Swizznet is ready to provide. We hope that these pros and cons of QuickBooks Online will help you find the right solution for your specific needs!

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