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      Is your QuickBooks Company File too large

      Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week - Is your QuickBooks Company File too large?

      Over time QuickBooks files can become extremely large which can cause issues with performance such as slowness running reports, freezing and/or crashing.

      Here are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the size of your QuickBooks file:

        1. Run the Rebuild Utility
          To run the rebuild utility, open your file in single-user mode as the Admin user and go to File>Utilities>Rebuild option. Always Verify your file after you rebuild it by selecting File>Utilities>Verify. If the verify utility finds additional problems, run the rebuild utility again.
        2. Compress Your File
          Creating a portable company file and then restoring it can help compress your file and can act as a massive rebuild for the data as well. To do this, login to your file and go to File>Create Copy and then select to create a portable company file. Log out of your file and move the file an archive folder. You'll then want to open QuickBooks and select to restore the portable company file you created. Once restored, you'll want to work in this version going forward.
        3. Run the Clean Up Data Utility
          You can also use the Clean Up Company Data Utility. To use this utility select File>Utilities>Clean Up Company Data. This technique will reduce your file by about 20 percent and will replace detailed transactions with monthly general journal entries for the period you condense.

      Tune in to next week’s Hosted QuickBooks tip.

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