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      QuickBooks Enterprise vs. Pro: A Comparison

      QuickBooks is renowned for its practical and robust accounting solutions. It began as accounting software for small businesses in 1992, and has since developed different versions for specific use cases, including QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Pro.

      Both QuickBooks Enterprise and Pro provide a multi-user accounting solution that’s feature-rich and easy to get started. The main differences are functionalities and price. Pro is designed for growing businesses, while Enterprise is a comprehensive enterprise solution built to be an affordable, quick-to-implement alternative to typical mid-market software.

      What’s more, unlike QuickBooks Online, when you use QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Enterprise hosting you get the full power of each solution in an anytime, anywhere environment.

      Let’s take a look at the benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise vs. Pro and explore which option is right for you. 

      QuickBooks Enterprise vs. Pro: Feature Comparison

      QuickBooks Enterprise and Pro both are powerful options for accounting software. They integrate data flows to create a single source of truth, eliminating manual errors and discrepancies. The interfaces are similar, meaning users can easily onboard. And when it’s time to progress from Pro to Enterprise, it’s easy to make the move.

      QuickBooks Pro

      QuickBooks Pro transcends mere accounting software. With support for up to three users on three computers, it functions just like QuickBooks Desktop but with added features for every aspect of small business or nonprofit finance. It’s designed to allow easy onboarding for non-technical users, with plain English that’s free of jargon.

      It's robust reporting, time, billing, and receipt automation features support growth. Accrual and cash-based accounting options come in handy during tax season. Rich third-party plug-ins allow you to accept credit cards directly into QuickBooks Desktop Pro, import bank statements, and more.

      QuickBooks Enterprise

      QuickBooks Pro is ideal for small businesses, but companies inevitably need more sophisticated features as they grow. QuickBooks Enterprise comes in six industry-specific versions, with 6x the capacity as Pro. It includes features such as advanced pricing, inventory, and costing for larger and more complex organizations. Its reporting features are more sophisticated, including P&L and cash flow reporting, and it allows you to drill down in a way that’s impossible in QuickBooks Pro.

      QuickBooks Enterprise goes beyond accounting, enabling order management and advanced inventory tracking at multiple locations. It integrates purchasing, CRMs, order management, and inventory into a single platform. It’s also available on Linux servers, meaning companies can use QuickBooks while leveraging the cost, security, and manageability benefits of Linux.

      QuickBooks Enterprise vs. Pro: Price Comparison

      QuickBooks Pro Plus starts at $299.99/year for one user and can support up to three users. QuickBooks Enterprise starts at $1020/year for a single user, with options for up to 40 users. Both versions include unlimited customer support, with preferred support in the Enterprise option.

      The price includes security patches and updates, backups so you can restore to an earlier data copy if needed, and new features only available with a QuickBooks subscription.

      Taking it to the Cloud

      QuickBooks dominates the accounting solutions market for a reason. Its solutions are robust, easy to use, and powerful. The problem comes when it’s time to move your company to an anytime, anywhere working model. QuickBooks Online is a solid option, but it lacks the full features of the desktop version of QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise.

      Swizznet solves this problem by hosting the full version of QuickBooks Pro or Enterprise on its bank-grade-secure servers. Automated backups and data recovery mean you’ll never worry about losing your critical data. And with CrowdStrike deployed, your data is protected from bad actors.

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