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      QuickBooks Hosting vs QuickBooks Online What’s the Right Fit for You

      By working on the cloud you can easily reduce your IT costs and headaches and add the ability for you and your team to work from any computer or device with an internet connection.

      QuickBooks Online is a SaaS version of QuickBooks which provides anytime, anywhere access to a very limited web-based version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online is entirely different than the desktop software you are used to working in. In fact, many of the functions of the desktop Enterprise, Premier, and Pro editions are not available on QuickBooks Online. Don’t be discouraged – there is another alternative for taking your QuickBooks to the cloud without having to give up features and functionality or learn a new program. Swizznets secure, easy and proven solutions will empower you with any time anywhere access to your full QuickBooks desktop Enterprise, Premier, and Pro software.

      If you’re still unsure whether Swizznet’s QuickBooks hosting solution or QuickBooks Online is the better option for you, here are a few points to consider:

      1. No Training Required

      QuickBooks Online is a challenging platform that is strikingly different from the desktop version of QuickBooks. People who are used to the desktop platform often have difficulty switching between the two. Swizznets solution allows you to take the same software you work in today and move it to the cloud – no re-training required.

      1. Online & Mobile Access

      Using the cloud for your accounting needs means that you can easily access and share your information no matter where your business takes you. Swizznets cloud platform is compatible with all phones, tablets, and computer platforms so you can access and transfer information at your convenience. We provide secure document storage along with the QuickBooks access so you have a secure central filing cabinet for all your accounting documents in the cloud. In comparison, QuickBooks online has limited, outdated options for pairing with mobile devices and only allows shared access to the accounting application. If you want to share other accounting related documents you’ll need to pair QuickBooks Online with another solution for sharing files.

      1. Data Loss Prevention

      QuickBooks Online requires you convert your data from the desktop version. This is time consuming and can often mean lost data. When converting a file to or from (in the event you need to switch back) some data is lost and will have to be re-entered. With Swizznet there is no data loss as there is no conversion necessary. You can simply move files back and forth without any data loss or downtime.

      In addition, Swizznets cloud platform has an elaborate and secure backup system that is monitored 24/7. Our backups also allow you to go back to any point in time in the file up to a year. QuickBooks Online does not offer the ability to revert back to prior versions of your file.

      4­­­. Superior Support & Service

      Calls to QuickBooks Online support can mean hours of frustration – whether it’s being placed on hold, passed around or language barriers with inexperienced staff. At Swizznet, we work tirelessly to provide you with the best services and support available. Our support team are all US based and are all Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. If you need additional assistance, we are only a few clicks or a brief phone-call away no matter what time it is.

      1. Contracts & Fees

      QuickBooks Online often offers getting great introductory deals, but be sure to read the fine print – one the intro pricing is over the increased, per file costs can really add up. By utilizing our cloud solution, we assure you of consistent, quality service at a low monthly per user rate so that your business is never disrupted. We have no long-term contracts and work hard to earn your business every day.

      Boost Growth & Efficiency by Making the Switch

      When deciding what platform is best for you consider the level of service, performance, and success you want to achieve. Swizznets QuickBooks hosting solution makes it easy to unleash the power of your accounting software in the cloud. Try us free today!

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