Rapid Inventory vs QuickBooks Advanced Inventory

We are always on the look out for the best solutions to help meet our clients business needs which integrate easily and seamlessly with QuickBooks in the cloud. Today we're focusing on inventory management. Finding a solution to meet your inventory management needs that integrates with QuickBooks (especially in a hosted environment) can be confusing and challenging.

One of our partners, AO: Rapid Inventory has a great solution to give you the inventory management tools you need while integrating with your hosted QuickBooks application on our platform.

Many of our users have asked us: "How is AO: Rapid Inventory different from QuickBooks Advanced Inventory?"

While QuickBooks Advanced Inventory can be a good solution for some businesses, it requires the added cost of using QB Enterprise with the full support plan and requires the additional cost of a custom virtual server in the hosted environment. This can add up to a very expensive solution!

AO: Rapid Inventory is cloud based and gives your users anytime, anywhere access. You can also limit access for users who don't need access to QuickBooks, but do need access to Rapid Inventory.

Rapid Inventory integrates with our system for no additional cost via the QuickBooks Web Connector (this is free to add with the standard hosting package). Plus, you can use it with QuickBooks Pro or Premier, a huge cost savings for those that don't truly need Enterprise. In addition to saving you money, Rapid Inventory also gives you more advanced reporting functionality to better manage your business.

Check out the full blog post and comparison on their site here.

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