Sage for Accountants: The Ultimate Solution

Take to the cloud and expand through the roof and beyond the walls. Swizznet's hosting solution for Sage for accountants provides you with a comprehensive solution for managing all of your business needs. We offer an aggressive referral bounty and monthly revenue sharing for Sage partners. Swizznet takes the power of Sage to the next level by providing a turnkey solution with anytime, anywhere access and zero IT headaches. With Swizznet, you get a streamlined approach to online accounting. With our enterprise solution, obsessive support and service, and 24/7 access to the cloud you can take your business and clients farther than ever before. Our Sage for accountants packages include Sage 50, Enterprise Resource Planning and Construction and Real Estate.

Industry Leading Citrix Technology: Swizznet is a certified Citrix Service Provider. Known as the gold standard in secure enterprise application delivery, Citrix specializes in the latest cloud technology to offer the best application hosting.

Scale Your Business: Our enterprise grade solutions for Sage guarantees a seamless solution for keeping data accessible, safe, and organized. We offer affordable packages to help you scale your business as you add employees, generate more recurring revenue, and find increased success. We help you turn capital expenditures into operating expenses with a low monthly cost and no long-term contracts. Reduce implementation costs and setup time, resulting in shorter sales cycles.

Instant Access & Full Control at Your Fingertips: Swizznet makes working in the cloud simple with instant access to your cloud whether you’re working in the office or traveling abroad. Manage your cloud, users, subscriptions and billing in the marketplace from anywhere, anytime on any device. Whether you're working on the weekends or traveling out of the country, you'll always be able to connect to the cloud. Our Marketplace provided easy user, subscription, invoice and billing management so you can make the changes you need as soon as you’re ready without waiting for our staff.

Obsessive Support: Our support team is available to assist you and your clients at any time of day or night. Our team is exclusively US-based and will be ready to help you anytime you need it. Known for our superior US based customer service, Swizznet has extensive experience providing customized accounting solutions in the cloud. We offer real-time monitoring to ensure optimal performance, dynamic scalability and no long term contracts.

Lock-Solid Security: Keep your clients informed and your data safe with secure Sage hosting. Our disaster recovery and security features include automated backups, disaster recovery, and full business continuity. We have two SOC II data centers in geographically diverse locations, redundant backups and are PCI compliant so that your data is safe in the event of any disaster. We snapshot your server nightly for 7 days and keep them onsite. We also send them to our secondary datacenter nightly. Our Swizznet system is covered by Site Safe SSL certification with a $1,000,000 user guarantee. We include monthly port scanning, certified by Trustwave, to ensure the highest safety levels.


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