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      How to Know When Your Clients Should Upgrade to Sage Hosting

      As a Sage reseller partner, your clients and potential customers are looking to you for advice and tips on the best licensing model of Sage for their business. Should they choose hosting their perpetual or subscription on-premise, try software-as-a-service (SaaS), or host their Sage perpetual or subscription in the cloud?

      Sage hosting providers — like Swizznet — have much to offer with their services, including secure, anytime, anywhere access to Sage software. As an authorized Sage partner, we’ve worked with thousands of businesses and have insight into when Sage hosting makes good business sense. If your clients sound like one of the six statements below, it’s time to start pitching Sage hosting services and explaining how it can take your clients’ businesses into the future.

      1. Their business is growing rapidly

      Sage offers a variety of products that are perfect for the growing business, from Sage 50 on up to Sage ERP or Sage CRE solutions. With business growth comes the need to scale Sage software, whether upgrading to a more robust solution, adding users, buying more licenses, or updating IT infrastructure to support it. Hosting helps eliminate growing pains. With Swizznet hosting, we monitor your client’s system to ensure optimal performance and dynamic scalability. Our flexible deployment options for Sage ERP and Sage CRE hosting mean that clients only pay for what they need. In addition, we integrate critical business applications by migrating them to the cloud alongside Sage software instances.


      2. They want to save money

      Hosting enables businesses to save thousands over the cost of buying, maintaining and supporting an on-premise deployment — specifically when IT is not their core competency. Clients will no longer need in-house IT staff to manage servers or to spend even more money to hire outside IT to handle them.

      Not only that, Swizznet has taken our years of joint experience and personal relationships with Sage designing hosting solutions to build a simplified per-user pricing model that includes all the resources most companies need to succeed in the cloud. With Swizznet Optimum, businesses get access for two users and 80GB SSD storage included and we optimize for vCPU, virtual machines and RAM at no additional cost. The package is offered at an annual price paid monthly. (If and when clients need to scale, we support that too with our custom Sage Flex program!)

      3. They want to ensure business continuity

      It’s safe to say that none of us were ready for all that 2020 would throw at us. For businesses, as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put it, “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months. From remote teamwork and learning, to sales and customer service, to critical cloud infrastructure and security.”

      Amid all this, CIOReview named Swizznet to its annual list of “Most Promising ERP Solutions Providers of 2020.” In the article announcing the award, CIOReview explained:

      “The move to the cloud is accelerating more than ever. In the present scenario, it has become all the more critical for organizations to keep their mission-critical business process applications and accounting software packages — such as Sage ERP and CRE, and Intuit QuickBooks — available to users from anywhere and at any time, while making this transition. US-based Swizznet — a cloud hosting solution provider — ensures just that.”

      The COVID-19 pandemic is one example of business disruption that can hit, unforeseen, at any time. Hosting Sage software helps ensure business continuity by providing access to critical data and apps without interruption when needed and from wherever you need to access it.

      Whether a computer fails or disaster strikes, your clients can rest easy knowing that critical information is secure, safe, and available with Swizznet backups. We also provide true disaster recovery through the built-in resiliency of the Microsoft Azure, Internap or Google Cloud data centers. Our disaster recovery and business continuity options are deployed in SOC 2 data centers that are built (and maintained) to beat every conceivable mechanical and natural disaster. We include real-time replication of data and servers to a second SOC 2 datacenter in a different and distant US location for maximum protection from disaster.

      4. They are managing a remote workforce and employees in the field

      Hosting Sage software — whether perpetual or subscription — gives your clients the freedom to access all of their applications no matter where their business takes them. Whether working on the weekends, traveling out of the country, or coordinating with contractors in the field, hosting provides access from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with top-notch performance and security. That level of flexibility enables remote work and allows businesses to modernize their systems and boost productivity. The sky's the limit when you can collaborate in real-time rather than relying on paper trails and lengthy email chains where documents and details get easily lost or overlooked.

      5. The IT and technology burden is becoming too much

      Most business leaders are not IT experts. If they do have an in-house team, their attention is pulled in many different directions. Before the IT-headaches pile up, Swizznet steps in to take away the pain — preferably before it begins. Swizznet handles IT and security concerns so clients can focus on business, rather than managing licensing and compliance. If installation and management of hardware, servers, software updates, and security is too much to handle, hosting takes away the burden.

      6. Security is a priority

      Security is something that must be taken seriously to protect sensitive information from hackers. Fortunately, clients can rest easy knowing that hosting is secure, as long as the Sage hosting provider has made it a priority. Swizznet maintains the highest standards of security, including PCI Compliance, encryption, and SOC 2 compliant data centers using the latest technology. A key difference between us and other providers is that we partner with CloudJumper to provide a user experience the same as if the software was on your desktop, as well as an added level of security. Both of these distinguishing features offer more than the standard remote desktop tools that many hosting providers typically provide.

      Swizznet makes it easy to sell our hosting with a number of free resources and our competitive HostShare® program. We support you with custom-branded marketing materials, admin access for custom configurations, and demo environments for showcasing your solution to current or prospective clients.

      Ready to showcase the power of Sage hosting? Let’s start a partnership with great rewards for both your business and your clients. Get in touch with us today.

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