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      Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week - Setting Up Users in QuickBooks

      Many times we find QuickBooks users using their Admin user or login for ongoing work and day-to-day accounting functions within QuickBooks. Your Admin user should be reserved to do the Admin only functions with the file. QuickBooks user profiles can occasionally become corrupt and need to be replaced, but unfortunately you cannot replace your Admin user. It is safer to setup other users within QuickBooks to keep your Admin user intact and avoid any possible corruption.

      In addition, setting up users for each person accessing the file ensures that each user has the appropriate access and permissions, allows for multiple users to access the file at once, and ensures a more complete audit trail of who did what and when within the file.

      To setup a new user within QuickBooks, you will need to do the following steps:

      1. Log into your company file as the admin user.

      2. Select the Company menu at the top.

      3. Select Setup Users and Passwords.

      4. Select Set Up Users.

      5. You will be prompted for your admin password.

      6. Select the Add User within the User List window.

      7. The setup user password and access wizard will request you to create your new user name and password. After you have entered this, click Next.

      8. The setup wizard will take you through several areas that you can choose which access you would like your new user to have. When you get to the end you will click Finish and the setup user wizard will close.

      9. If you do not wish to add any more users, click close on the User List. If you would like to add additional users in QuickBooks, click Add User again and repeat steps 7-9.

      If you would like to test the new user, please select the file menu and close company. Then you can open the company and log in as the new user.

      Please tune in to next week’s QuickBooks tip.

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