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      Some Considerations for QuickBooks Hosting

      Remote work is here to stay. Many companies are looking to move their IT ecosystem to the cloud to support this new work model.

      For QuickBooks clients, this means finding a way to bring their QuickBooks setup to the cloud. QuickBooks is well-regarded for its ease-of-use. Its extensive features, ranging from records, to billing, time tracking, and invoicing, allow you to manage your accounting and finances in a single suite.

      There are several ways to access QuickBooks in the cloud. QuickBooks Online is a great option for accessing the basic functionalities of QuickBooks in a remote environment. However, it lacks the full power of desktop QuickBooks. It also requires a learning process to get users up to speed.

      If you want the full functionalities of your desktop QuickBooks with anywhere, anytime access, hosting QuickBooks in the cloud is the best option. Cloud hosting providers set up your remote environment and manage it for you so you’re free to focus on growing your business, but finding the right cloud host is critical. Great hosts deliver top-notch service, with bank-grade security and an interface that’s as user-friendly as the desktop version.

      At Swizznet, we love to help accounting professionals do their job more effectively. So we developed an infographic to help you evaluate QuickBooks cloud hosting providers.

      Check it out below or click the image to view as a PDF.



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