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      Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week: Any user, every device: secure, managed file synchronization with Swizz Sync.

      Strictly easy. Swizz Sync lets you share and sync files —across platforms, users and devices. With Swizz Sync you have a mapped local drive to your Swizznet Z Cloud Drive - whether you're logged into Swizznet or not. This allows you to attach files from your Swizznet drive directly to emails on your local computer and makes moving files a snap.

      Rigorous tracking. Swizz Sync gives one-click tracking and management for internal and external guest users—all with tough, professional security. Every change is logged, revisions time-stamped, deletions noted. The integrated activity log notes every iteration and quickly restores previous versions when needed (we’ve all been there). Shared team drive access streamlines collaboration and can notify members of changes in managed files.

      Serious control. Now you can define share policy and track use all from a powerful, built-in online portal. And everything’s protected with the strongest level of encryption.

      • $2.99/month/user - includes 5 GB of storage per user and 3 guest users

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