Swizznet - Located in the heart of the Silicon Prairie


Swizznet's goal is to always provide you with the fastest and most reliable hosting possible. As part of this commitment we do things like utilizing the latest Citrix technology (including the more advanced licenses to true load balancing and optimize speed across the system) to ensure speeds 4-5 times faster than any other remote application technology platform.

Did you know that Swizznet's primary data center is also located in Kansas City? What's so great about being located in Kansas City you may be asking yourself. Well, Kansas City is the heart of what has been dubbed the "Silicon Prairie."

Why is Kansas City suddenly "The" place to be for internet based companies? Google, of course! That's right, Google has chosen Kansas City to be the test bed of Google Fiber, the search-engine giant’s fiber-optic network. Google Fiber advertises speeds of up to a gigabyte per second – a rate that massively exceeds the average Internet speeds at homes hooked up with cable modems.

Google has spent months and unknown sums installing optical fiber around the area and Swizznet is poised to be one of the first QuickBooks hosting providers to take advantage of these super fast speeds.

Find out more in a recent news article from the Seattle Times: "Speedy fiber has Kansas City all Googley"

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