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      Swizznet Offers Next-Gen Cybersecurity Solutions For the Accounting Industry

      Protect your firm from cyber-attacks! Cybersecurity is no longer something we can ignore. No firm is too small to be targeted, so it's important to get serious about security. Regularly change passwords, be aware of phishing scams, and invest in advanced encryption measures. Additionally, be wary of clicking on links and downloading documents from untrusted sources.  

      The accounting industry itself is evolving and requiring change. There are numerous security regulations that are required now. Insurance companies are requiring more secure measures be taken by firms. It is creating an ultimatum for firms and while some are learning and trying to become an IT expert in addition to doing what they love, it isn’t necessary. We are here to partner with you and provide real reliable cybersecurity solutions. With the right cybersecurity measures, you can keep your firm and its data safe from cyber-attacks. 

      EDR - MATRIX

      Swizznet's Security Essentials Package: 

      The bare minimum protection to get you started, the Security Essentials package provides next-gen EDR protection with the snapshot and rollback recovery feature to keep your firm running with minimal disruption.

      • AI-driven next generation antivirus   
      • 24/7 threat monitoring - 100% US-based and have your back 24/7/365  
      • 8:30 am – 5pm local time support  
      • Snapshot and rollback  

      Swizznet's Security Assure Package: 

      The Security Assure Package adds to the EDR protection to include systematic training for your entire firm, ensuring your first line of defense stays trained and vigilant at all times. 

      • Next-gen cybersecurity awareness training setup
      • Phishing simulation configuration
      • Scheduled reporting for training

      Swizznet's Security Elite Package: 

      The most robust of Swizznet's EDR packages, Security Elite includes all of the Security Assure package and includes backup and recovery assistance for Office 365 or Gsuite, to offer the last line of defense in the form of backup of your data. 

      • Advanced recovery for O365 or Gsuite. 

      Swizznet's Security Solutions for the Accounting Industry

      Swizznet provides security solutions specifically tailored to accounting firms. We offer network protection, secure backup, and training in best practices for security through KnowBe4. To help accounting firms manage cyber threats effectively, Swizznet offers comprehensive incident response planning. 

      As the threat of cyber-attacks continues to grow, it is important for accounting firms to prioritize security. Partnering with a company like Swizznet and staying up-to-date on the latest security measures is a great way to offer peace of mind to clients and protect your business in the new year. 

      Watch our Creating a Future-Focused Secure Firm webinar recording today.  


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