It wasn’t long ago that SMB accounting software resided on a PC – and only on a PC. Today, with more than 1.3 million Intuit QuickBooks® users alone now accessing its online version, cloud computing is an accepted technology for streamlining the process of everyday financial-oriented tasks. When coupled with mobile devices, the cloud offers the freedom of anywhere/anytime availability that can be hugely beneficial to in-house financial teams as well as consultants. Quickbooks solutions for business management software is a key tool to have for any business. Small businesses usually have limited time and/or personnel to deal with IT issues like data storage, upgrading software and server maintenance. Cloud computing shifts these tasks to the service provider and can result in enormous time savings by enabling businesses to concentrate on their business and customers, instead of on IT needs. Engaging with one of the dizzying array of potential cloud and mobile solution providers can be a daunting task for anyone and any business. So, if you are just now exploring how to migrate to the cloud and provide access to employees and clients via mobile devices, here are some points to consider:

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