Talking to Your IT Department About Moving to the Cloud

Ever find yourself shying away from looking at new cloud technologies because of the headache of implementation and having to convince your IT of the security and value? You're not alone. Many accountants often find themselves shying away when it comes to talking to their IT team about cloud technologies. The tides are changing and most IT execs have warmed up to the idea, but some common obstacles remain, including:

  • How to get various cloud platforms for different departments integrated together?
  • How will this new cloud technology or platform meet reporting requirements and/or integrate with our current reporting tools?
  • Large demand to vet and help implement new cloud technology solutions across the organization, not just in the accounting department

Keeping these obstacles in mind, here are some keys to improving the cloud computing implementation process:

1. Engage the IT team early in the decision making process so they they can help inform and shape the cloud technology selection requirements

2. Position the technology as valuable across the whole organization

3. Walk the IT team or your contact through why the new technology is valuable in achieving your accounting goals to create an ally and advocate

Getting buy-in and subsequent implementation of new cloud technologies can be easy if you use the right approach and strategy - partnering with the IT team instead of seeing them as an obstacle to change.


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