Telecommuting is Another Cloud Benefit for You and Your Employees

As cloud computing and mobile technology continues to improve, more employers and employees are enjoying the benefits of telecommuting. With tools like Swizznet, where employees can access all their files and applications from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection, coming into a brick and mortar office no longer has to be the norm.

Telecommuting offers a win-win for everyone.

Employers benefit by being able to attract and retain better employees while saving on overhead and increasing productivity. In one example, a British Company, O2 had 2,500 employees work from home for one day, saving an estimated 2,000 hours in commute time. Of the time saved an estimated 1,040 hours of that extra time was spend on work.

Those who work from home say they have fewer distractions, are more productive and have a better work/life balance. Employees often jump at the chance to work from home, even if it's only on a limited basis. In fact, a 2012 survey by Citrix found that workers would give up a perk or pleasure just to be able to work from home one day a week: lunch breaks (32 percent), alcohol (25 percent) and coffee (20 percent) for the chance to work from home.

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