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      It wasn't that long ago that small and medium-size business (SMB) accounting software resided on a PC – and only on a PC. Today, with more than 1.3 million Intuit QuickBooks users alone accessing the online version of QuickBooks, it's time for every accountant to look at what cloud computing can offer for streamlining the process of everyday tasks. When coupled with mobile devices, the QuickBooks Cloud offers the freedom of anywhere/anytime availability that can be hugely beneficial to in-house financial teams as well as consultants. Swizznet’s hosting and online accounting solution ties the versatility of Intuit’s QuickBooks with Citrix’s technology and the reliability of Swizznet’s QuickBooks network for fast, secure online access to any file or application. With Swizznet’s QuickBooks Hosting for Business, all users can connect to the cloud from anywhere in the world, on any device. Swizznet’s 24/7 support and service is integral to maintaining a healthy QuickBooks hosting network and ensuring that applications are always ready. We provide access to the network environment from multiple computers and offer an additional feature, Swizz Sync, for staying connected. Swizz Sync provides additional help with keeping all users on the same page by providing one-click tracking and management for internal and external guest users—all with tough, professional security. Access all your files on Swizznet via a locally mapped drive - whether you're logged into the system or not. Every change is logged, revisions time-stamped, deletions noted. The integrated activity log notes every iteration and quickly restores previous versions when needed (we've all been there). Shared team drive access streamlines collaboration and can notify members of changes in managed files. With a single click of a mouse, Swizz Sync powered by the Swizznet network delivers universal file access across stationary and mobile devices regardless of operating systems, ranging from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets. Swizz Sync is a fully managed sync and share tool that offers better security, more built-in features and the robust tracking and auditing capabilities not found in other file sharing products. One of our highest praised features is Swizz Sync. With Swizz Sync, you can collaborate with colleagues instantly via the Swizznet network.


      Swizz Sync offers a secure dashboard that enables administrators to keep strict policies in place based on each organization's needs, with access and in-transit files protected by 448 Blowfish encryption. Swizz Sync also facilitates remote data wiping for desktop and mobile devices, giving company administrators a quick way to combat device and/or data theft, rogue employees and unscrupulous clients.


      Swizz Sync is a stand-alone product for any business looking for a collaboration tool; users do not need to be enrolled with Swizznet's QuickBooks hosting platforms. Product highlights include:

      • data sync across multiple platforms, including Windows®, Linux, Android™, iOS, Blackberry and more

      • universal single-click file access for internal and external parties, including unlimited guest users

      • complete integration with Microsoft® Outlook®

      • file storage for deleted or edited files, enabling users to review previous versions on demand

      • granular activity logs that track users, access and activities


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