Tips Accountants Should Know about QuickBooks Hosting

As an accountant, QuickBooks is most likely an important part of your business. What if you could gain a competitive advantage with QuickBooks hosting in the cloud? Swizznet is a company created by accountants that provides its customers with QuickBooks hosting solutions. Use your own QuickBooks license or rent it on a month-to-month basis in order to fit the accounting needs of your company. Here are five things to know about QuickBooks hosting.

Safe Place for Documents

Finding a safe place for documents can be difficult. Companies often worry about security and data loss. Swizznet's QuickBooks hosting provides accountants with a platform to scan documents for filing and secure storage. All documents are accessible in one spot and they are password-protected to further enhance security. Double backups are done to make sure no data loss occurs.

Seamless Sharing

Have you ever had issues sharing between a Mac and a PC? Swizznet QuickBooks hosting provides an easy solution. Swizznet allows for seamless, platform agnostic file collaboration, cloud QuickBooks, or Sage cloud and data sharing. The collaboration options are endless!


Accountants can rest assured that their data is safe on the QuickBooks hosting platform. Nothing would be worse than losing important documents, especially in the midst of busy season. Swizznet has redundant backup systems. One backup occurs every 30 minutes and keeps the data for 24 hours. The second backup happens every night and holds the data for 30 days. The backup done on the first of the month is held for 12 months.

Access Office in the Cloud

Most accountants spend a lot of time working in Microsoft Office. Whether it is reviewing the budget in Excel, creating a presentation in PowerPoint, or sending emails in Outlook, Office is an important part of the business! With Swizznet’s QuickBooks hosting, Office 365 is integrated within the platform. You can easily access your Office 365 subscription via the cloud.

24/7 Support for QuickBooks Hosting Needs

One of the most reassuring things about Swizznet’s QuickBooks hosting is that 24/7 help is available. Swizznet has a US-based support team that can provide help at any time of day or night. Simply log into the Swizznet website and click “get help” on the customer center page. Swizznet is willing to help with any questions or issues.

Swizznet QuickBooks hosting is the perfect solution for accountants. It provides many benefits including a safe place for saving documents, seamless sharing options, double backups, accessing Office 365 in the cloud, and 24/7 support. For more information about how QuickBooks hosting solutions can help you, contact us today.

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