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      Top 5 Considerations when Selecting a QuickBooks Hosting Provider


      In this 30 minute webinar, we'll show the top five considerations to make when selecting the best QuickBooks hosting provider to help you grow your business and ensure client satisfaction.

      Considerations include:

      1. Which application delivery platform is the hosting provider leveraging?

        Are they using the latest technology? Which devices and operating systems can they support? What about printing and speed and ease of access to the applications? We recommend doing a trial of any provider so that you can get a hands-on feel for how the technology actually performs and is accessed.

      2. What is their record for reliability?

        You'll want to check the fine print for how uptime is actually calculated and what your options for compensation are if they do go down. This should be clearly spelled out in the terms of your agreement.

      3. How do they support their solution? Hours? Accessibility? Response time SLA?

        Many hosts claim to have great support, but when it comes down to it the only offer email support or are only available for certain hours - even worse, some hosts may take hours or days to respond to you. Here at Swizznet we backup our Obsessive Support® with a 20 minute SLA. 

      4. How secure are they? Have they had any breaches?

        It's one thing to say you're secure, but do they have the certifications and track record to back that up? Unfortunately a number of hosts in the industry have recently fallen victim to breaches and ransomware. You want a host that is PCI compliant and that uses heuristic tools to proactively monitor for the latest threats.

      5. What level of account controls do you have? How long does it take to setup a new account? Can you add/remove access and users instantly or do you need to wait to make these changes during business hours via email or over the phone. 

        If a host is on the forefront of technology they will be able to offer you self-service tools like instant setup and support to meet the changing demands of your business 24x7.

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