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      Top 6 Reasons to Host Sage CRE and ERP Software in the Cloud

      2020 has taken businesses on one wild ride, and we haven’t crossed the finish line yet. It might be hard to see it, but all the disruption does have a silver lining — it’s pushing businesses to adapt, modernize, and embrace new technology. These are all important things to ensure long-term business growth! 

      One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is that more and more companies are choosing to host their Sage CRE and ERP software in the cloud. In the past, companies maintained their Sage software on premise, with either a perpetual or subscription licensing model. But the need to work from anywhere has made this option a lot harder to sustain. 

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      2020 is the year of the cloud and of real-time, anywhere, any device access to your Sage CRE and ERP software (Check out what we mean in this CIOReview article). Follow along for our list of the top ways hosting can help your business.

      1. On the Couch or On the Road, Your Info Is Always Available

      This is number one because it might just be the most important differentiator between on premise-software versus hosting Sage CRE and ERP in the cloud. Let’s be honest, especially in 2020, the ability to work from anywhere is key to the success of nearly any business. Using cloud hosting, employees can dig into data from all over the globe, as long as they have an internet connection. That means less stressing over being able to make it into the office, out in the field, or to meet a client at the local coffee shop to strategize around business that matters.

      2. Top-Notch Security

      You don’t have to be in IT to know that security is high up on the list of must-haves for a company to live long and prosper. Hosting offers bank-quality security features like guaranteed data protection from ransomware and cyber threats and absolute PCI compliance while the data is being stored. And since you have the freedom to access the data from outside your office, 256-bit data encryption while in-motion to and from the device is mission-critical for peace of mind.

      3. How Does Better Sleep Sound?

      Okay, okay. We know this isn’t a meditation app — but hear us out. Gone are the days of worrying about computers crashing, data being lost if power unexpectedly peters out on a laptop, or stressing over a lost device that holds hours and hours of valuable work. While hosting in the cloud, your work is saved in real time, making it virtually impossible to lose hours of work or... sleep. To make sure you get all the extra Zzzs you need, Swizznet hosting also provides geographically diverse data centers and business continuity and back-up plans. And we have real-time system monitoring to make sure everything is always ready to go, whether you’re using the system at the moment or not. And in case the thought crossed your mind, it’s not just sleep your saving, it’s $$$ too. Swizznet provides all this as part of your package, which is the fraction of the cost it would take to architect, build and maintain your own foolproof system.

      4. A Steady Partner Who Has Your Back

      Some of our best friendships are not forged with people we speak to every day. But we know that if the road gets rough, these folks will have our back at the end of the day—and will pick up the phone no matter what time we call. 

      Apply that same mentality to your hosting provider. Swizznet was named by CIO Review as a “Most Promising ERP Solutions Provider of 2020.” One of the key reasons we made the list is because of our 24/7/365 Obsessive Support® support for our customers that CIOReview called “hands-down exceptional.” Rest assured that whether you’re calling to check in at 10am on a Tuesday or working late on a Saturday, a knowledgeable and friendly voice will get back to you to guide you through the tough times or any questions you may have.

      5. Tune Out the Noise and Gain Clarity

      As we’ve mentioned, the cloud saves all changes in real time—but what does this really translate into as far as tangible business success?

      For starters, it forces everyone to be on the same page—literally. No more documents with four different versions floating around. And, with the ability to control who has access to which documents, you can breathe easy knowing that the only team members peeking into confidential numbers or docs are the ones that actually need to see it. No more confusion, only clarity. 

      6. Enjoy Full Flexibility 

      Appeal to working parents and globe-trotting whiz kids alike with the flexibility to work from anywhere. Swizznet not only offers a flexible solution to working, we’re also flexible ourselves. Our options for Sage CRE and ERP hosting mean that you only pay for what you need. In addition, our platform plays nicely with third-party apps. Rest assured your critical business applications can be migrated to the cloud alongside your Sage software instance.

      These are the top six reasons we recommend hosting Sage CRE and ERP software in the cloud, but trust us when we say, there are so many more. Get to know us or allow us to answer your questions and see firsthand how we can best support your growing business.

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